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The Doctor Who TV show would have to be my all-time favourite. I can trace, I think, my viewing of it way back to 1980. As related in my potted history of my involvement with Doctor Who, my first published (or were they?) pieces were reviews of the then-recent Happiness Patrol and Greatest Show in the Galaxy. But that was just the tip of the iceberg, as the articles, interviews, reviews and other knick-knacks below indicates!

The main new item on this page is my ongoing review (of sorts) of the 2005 renewal of the series.

How I Killed a Fanzine
Timestorm (coming, Sophie’s singing available now)
Survival is Ace Action Faction (coming)


Ace Timeline
A Bit of Adric in All of Us
Cursed References
The Doctor and I (a potted history)
Doctor Who CCG Tips
Doctor Who in America
History of Doctor Who
The Relative Confusion of The Curse of Fenric
Sonic Screwdriver #100 History
Survival 1994 Review
What’s in a Name?
What is it about these Daleks anyway?
What Makes A Warrior?


Andy Lane (author)
Kate Orman (author)
Craig Hinton (author)
Evan Hercules (set designer)
Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Martin (actors)


Television episodes
Season 27 (the 2005 return)
Season 25
The Curse of Fenric
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
The Happiness Patrol
The Twin Dilemma

Novels — New Adventures
Blood Heat
Death of Art
The Dimension Riders
Eternity Weeps
Falls the Shadow
No Future

Novels — Missing Adventures
Dancing the Code
Invasion of the Cat-People
Lords of the Storm
Scales of Injustice
Shadow of Weng-Chiang
System Shock

Novels — Benny Adventures
Beyond the Sun
Ghost Devices/Mean Streets/Tempest
Sword of Forever

Mag Bag #1
Mag Bag #2
Mag Bag #3
Mag Bag #4
Mag Bag #5
Mag Bag #6
Mag Bag #7
Mag Bag #8
Mag Bag #9
Mag Bag #10
Mag Bag #11
Mag Bag #12


Keeper’s Demise

(I start a lot more fiction than I finish…)


DWCV Whodunnit II
DWCV Whodunnit III
’The Black Box’ series
Creation of a Davison
The Pit
Cricket Day Report

How I Killed a Fanzine

I may have edited, contributed to, and publicised many a fanzine over the years, but once, just once, I did exactly the opposite: I killed one. Here is the oh-so-brief history of the fanzine called EFG

(Once you’ve read that, you might like to look at the other side and find out How to Create a Fanzine.)


Coming soon — here’s a teaser, where I ask Sophie Aldred to show off her singing voice. As a finish to the final interview of the weekend, it was, as you hear Richard Nolan put it, ‘absolutely impossible to top’! Download the RealAudio file and enjoy.)

Survival is Ace Action Faction

Coming soon, only the best part of a decade late! I thought my task was going to become easier when Google extended the Deja newsgroups archive they had acquired — alas, their collection from pre-1995 remains somewhat patchy.

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