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Article — Doctor Who CCG Tips

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At the moment I’ve just put in one killer deck. More to come! I recommend you read the Doctor Who Club of Victoria DW CCG FAQ before this.

The Maggot Deck

Yes, it’s over-sized (97 cards!) but I think having that extra bit of variety is worth lowering the rate you pick up a ‘Cyber Bomb’ (and I wanted to give a good idea to everyone of the "good" cards rather than limit myself to 55 and arbitrarily cut out quite a few. Hell, even at 97 cards I’ve had to do that!).

It’s about half flash cards, and includes a full complement of episodes (25 points worth). It includes more resource cards than I’d usually consider, but only because of the slant of this deck — with the exception of a few obvious ones (ie. ‘Kontron Crystals’), resources are usually pretty useless.

Basically I play this deck continually in the present, using various cards to boost giant maggots (aka ‘Green Death’) which then relentlessly kill any opposition. Example: the ‘Fifth Doctor’ boosts the maggots’ support to 1, then pushes it to 4/1 or 1/4 stats. The defender needs 5/5 just to kill the bloody thing and stop it getting someone else next turn.

If I get the present as my bonus zone and have a ‘Policeman’ or two down, you’re just about guarenteed to die…

I include four ‘Tharil’s which can be played in the present, and then moved out to the other zones as defenders.

The nasty bit is the ‘Lazar’s Disease’ card — this makes it almost impossible to kill the maggots. It can be a bit risky playing it, but it can pay off BIG!

The following is a real deck, not an ideal one — ie. if I had more than one ‘Fast Return Switch’ I’d have them in there!

Characters (35 cards)


2 Dameons
1 Black Scorpion
1 Leela


1 Alpha Centauri
2 Raston Warrior Robot


4 Tharil
2 Fifth Doctor
1 White Guardian
1 Black Guardian
1 Sisterhood
1 Master (minus 1 support to opponent, helps maggots)
1 Emporer Dalek
1 CyberController


4 Green Death (aka Maggot)
4 Policemen
3 Fendahleen
1 Destroyer (turn their Fendahleen against them!)
2 Kastrian
1 Ace (for the Ring of Rassilon)
1 Brigadier
1 Giant Robot

Flashes (48 cards)

The basic ones

4 Particle Suppressors
4 Time Stops
4 Cyber Bombs
4 Barbed Wire (both an offensive and defensive card, don’t overlook!)
4 Elixir of Life

Time travel

1 Time Loop
4 Master’s Presence/Teleportation
1 Time Travel
1 Time Barrier
1 Time Winds


1 Random Laser Beam Emitter
2 Temporal Grace
1 Double Time
1 Ancient Law of Gallifrey
2 Flashback
2 The Alliance
1 Fast Return Switch


2 Hal’s Arrow
3 The Malus (remember, I’m effectively playing in one zone only)
1 Viral Destruction
1 Neurotrope X
2 Fusion Booster
1 Meteorites

Resources (10 cards)

1 Vorum Gas (absolute killer card)
2 Kontron Crystals (get the Vorum Gas back after it gets Cyberbombed!)
1 Sacred Flame (permanent +1 substance and +1 support to the maggots!)
1 Ring of Rassilon (here Acey Acey Acey)
1 Kartz and Reimer Time Capsule (also see Alpha Centauri/Black Scorpion)
3 V-Ship
2 Lazar’s Disease

Episodes (4 cards)

1 The Time Warrior (keep their cards out of the present!)
1 Curse of Fenric
1 Revenge of the Cybermen
1 The Claws of Axos

The latter three episodes are easy to solve (only 6 support needed) but devastating if not.

End of Article

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