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The Doctor and I

First Memories

As far as I can remember, the very first Doctor Who I saw was the third episode of The Power of Kroll, when I was, I think, seven years old. This includes the scene where the Doctor and Romana are on the stretching racks and the Doctor has to sing high and pure enough to shatter the glass which he then uses to cut their way free. I’m not actually sure where or when I saw this, as we didn’t actually have a TV on a regular basis till the last Saturday of September 1983 (how can I can state that so precisely? It was the day of the Essendon-Hawthorn Aussie Rules grand final; Dad won out that day, but the mighty Bombers struck back in 1984 and 1985). Anyway, that Kroll scene stuck in my mind, though it was another few years before I became a devoted follower.

Another early memory is being stricken with fear by Melkur in The Keeper of Traken. My family were having a holiday near Bateman’s Bay on the New South Wales coast, and every day at 6:30pm I would abruptly stop running around with my cousins and sister and race back to one of the holiday flats we were using. At this time of the day, you had to draw the heavy curtains to avoid the setting sun, and then I would leave the lights off just to add to the atmosphere.

My sister, two-and-a-half years younger than me, always trashed Doctor Who but remained almost as fastidious when it came to watching it. In particular, when the ABC aired The Five Doctors at the later time of 8:30pm (on a school night no less) I appealed for and got permission to stay up late to watch it, but my sister got turned down. This annoyed her a lot…

Unfortunately, my Mum chose that time to vaccuum the entire house (or so it seemed) but seeing "all" the Doctors was a revelation. The Five Doctors was also the first Target novelisation I bought — I recall for some reason being dropped off at the legendary Minotaur store in downtown Melbourne, going in and being gobsmacked by an entire rack of novelisations. Having bugger-all money, of course, I could only afford one title and the special silver cover must have grabbed my attention!

Not surprisingly, then, given he was the first that I couldwatch regularly, the fifth Doctor has remained my sentimental favourite. Having said that, I don’t recall Peter Davison’s Grace Bros/Myer department store tour of Australia in the early 1980s.

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