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The Doctor and I

1985 — Move to the USA!

In 1985 we moved to Ithaca in upper New York State, with my Dad lecturing at Cornell University. This was when I really got caught up with the show, as I could watch it on THREE different stations! I could see single episodes at 6pm and 7:30pm on weekdays, and see an entire story on Sunday afternoon. I was in heaven!

Those three PBS stations also didn’t mind showing earlier episodes, thus providing my first introduction to the first dozen years of the series. This also confused me incredibly when I came back to Australia and started seeing lots of Pertwee episodes in black & white — I still find it incredible that the BBC has trouble finding colour NTSC prints to match up with the PAL black & white ones. I could have given them all they wanted, for goodness’ sake!

(Actually, I lie. When you get over 700 episodes shown a year, I barely bothered to comprehensively tape episodes as it was always due to get shown again soon anyway — I just cycled though about 5 tapes on long play. This was even more pronounced for Tom Baker episodes — at one stage, two of the stations were playing Tom Baker episodes with less than two weeks spacing between them!)

One key thing to remember is the different views of the program in Australia and the USA. In the former, it is a "kid’s" show that nonetheless everybody knows about, while in the latter it is very much a "cult" show. For me, this was accentuated as Ithaca is very much a college town, with the number of students at Cornell University and Ithaca College nearly matching the native population.

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