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The Doctor and I

DWCV Committee, Meet David

The end of 1992 saw, as is not uncommon in fan clubs, a near complete committee change. The previous committee had more or less burned themselves out and the pressure came on the members to bring forward a new team, or to let the club fall aside. October 16 and the Box Hill Central Child Care Centre saw all positions available. President was claimed by Geoff "Geoffro" Tilley (vice-president some years earlier), vice-president was relative new-comer Richard Nolan, secretary by Derek Screen (not a big Who fan, but one of Melbourne fandom’s hardest workers through the Nineties and beyond) while another newcomer in Matthew Proctor took the treasurer position.

Having seen all that, I then decided, on the spur of the moment, to nominate myself for the General Committee. Five people nominated for the four positions, and so after being sent out of the room for the vote, I returned as a DWCV committee member!

The others elected to the position were Daniel O’Dwyer, long time member, plus other relative newbies in Phillip Nichols and Rod Scott. I think Michael Simpson was the one to miss out.

All in all, it was an excellent reply to the "hands up now, or we shoot the dog/club" front the previous committee had put up!

We had our very first committee meeting later that day, and the first decision was whether to adopt former production editor Sean-Paul Smith’s forthcoming zine Black Light. But to take it, Sonic Screwdriver had to die… We stuck with Sonic, obviously!

Meanwhile, the previous committee had their swansong by running the 1992 Christmas Party meeting at Ridley College. It was then up to us…

Our first meeting was a foot rally around South Melbourne, largely because we weren’t sure if our new meeting place (St. Lukes Church) would be available in time. Geoff Tilley prepared the foot rally, and due to late and very understated notice in the previous Sonic, five of the nine contestants were committee members… Still, it was fun and led to several larger foot rallies in the following years. Richard Nolan was the winner in this inaugural rally. I came fourth, but it wasn’t a total loss as I learnt what the word ‘prophylactic’ meant!

Cast photoThe next meeting was the original Whodunnit murder mystery, titled ‘Who killed Adric?’. Written by Geoff Tilley, the day was stolen by Marco Cappiello’s portrayal of Peri, just one of the many ways Marco made a fool of himself that year (another included missing a one metre golf putt on The Price is Right and therefore not winning a car). You can see Marco in the pink, behind Richard Nolan as dead Adric (all he had to do was get dragged in and off stage, and the size of ‘Big Dick’ made this a great sight gag). I’m there as the Fifth Doctor on the far left, next to a young David Morgan as the Valeyard. Mark Harding is the Sixth Doctor on the right, alongside our Romana: April Claridge, woman of many costumes. Our detective, as played by Geoffro, is at bottom left, and I’m afraid I don’t recall who was our Movellan.

And yes, Peri was the guilty party, allowing Marco a great chance to ham it up at the end of the play…

Around this time we sent off a cheque for $250 as an installment on "The Frame Debt", and to our delight we discovered that the club’s owings had been thought irretrievable, and David J Howe & Co very kindly let us off the remaining amount. This was a exceedingly generous move, and really allowed us to pull the club out of the financial black hole we had inherited. We consequently made David a club Honourary Member, and I know he enjoyed receiving his Sonic from that date on!

Further meetings in early 1993 included a games day which included a Doctor Who version of Trivial Pursuit. Eventual winners Polly and David Morgan’s main prize was the fancy cheese chunks that had acted as the over-sized wedges you earn in that game for finishing off each topic!

(I’d managed to nicely freak Polly out on our first meeting in February 1993. She came up to join the Monash University fantasy and science fiction club Fellowship of Middle Earth (aka FOME) during Orientation Week, and upon telling me her name I responded with her home address! Little did she know I’d not too much earlier read Event One, a zine by her younger brother David, back when he was a shy kid and not the marauding yobbo of years to come! I keep asking David when Event Two is coming out, as it annoys him mightily…)

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