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The Doctor and I

Whovention II (Control)

This convention would have to be the one that helped first establish the rampaging nature of Victorian Who fans, including a now much-quoted phrase overheard at the Saturday banquet:

’Those Victorians sure know how to have a good time…’

Most of the DWCV committee, and many more, made the long voyage north to the Waratah Hotel in Parramatta, Sydney, for 9-11 July 1993. Some infamous tales came about from the train trips either way, including condoms pinned to clothing and attempts by some of the more foolhardy to drink the train bar dry on the way home.

The guests of honour were Mary Tamm (flown in from England), as well as Mark Strickson and Katy Manning. A brief surprise guest was Jan Troughton, daughter of the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, and a student of Strickson’s at New England University (based in Armidale, north of Sydney).

Those of you who have met Richard Nolan (then vice-president of the DWCV) will know he is a great story-teller, and one of his favourites details the opening moments of this convention. Mary Tamm came out, to much applause, and on the very first question replied something like ‘Well, I don’t recall much from my time in Doctor Who…’ It was as if the entire audience deflated — we get precious few international guests out here, we had the big build-up of expectations, and then — pop! — everyone collapsed. Worse, she had a cold during the weekend and thus could barely speak. It was a gross disappointment.

Thankfully the rest of the convention went very well. A key atmosphere setter was the Doctor Who pinball machine, then very new, in the foyer. The Daleks made by Canberra fans also had, I think, their first big convention showing.

As now taken for granted, there was an excellent comedic play presented during the Saturday night banquet (this one was entitled Bill and Fat Colin’s Bogus Journey). The highlight of this was when Mark Strickson ran through, gibbering ‘Tractators, tractators’ maniacally. At the more menial end of the scale, we all appreciated how the convention runners organised a free Big Mac voucher for attendees — when visiting other towns for conventions, lots of us live on that stuff!

On the Monday after the convention, Mark Harding and I toured Sydney and got some Dark Zone practice (Mark is one of the best anywhere at that!) while Richard and Matthew Proctor made the long trip out to Richmond to meet and interview Louise Pajo, who had portayed Gia Kelly in the sixties story The Seeds of Death. Richard had brought up the video of said story for research purposes, and tried to view it at three o’clock in the morning during the convention — needless to say, he didn’t stay awake long enough to see all six episodes of it!

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