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The Doctor and I

Sonic Screwdriver, Meet David (and Marco and Matthew)

Geoff Tilley had taken on the role of Sonic editor as well as club president. Produced without a computer for the first time in many years, ‘professional-looking’ is not a phrase that would be associated with his first effort of issue 76 (though it did have my first contribution to Sonic in it, a piece on Adric to tie in with the murder mystery meeting). It therefore prompted myself and treasurer Matthew Proctor to volunteer to be production editors, while Marco Cappiello put up his hand to be writing editor. Geoffro had largely finished issue 77 by the time we worked things out, and so starting with issue 78 Marco took over with myself as production editor (Matthew produced issues 79 and 81).

An important change that this heralded was a move back away from including "telefantasy" aspects into the magazine. Geoffro had been quite keen on including various non-Who material as well, perhaps conscious that it was approaching four years since the BBC had ceased production of the show. After some debate, "telefantasy" was given the boot.

Personally, even now, I find it hard to believe you will keep or gain subscribers based on a half-and-half effort. Go with what makes you unique, and concentrate on making it the best there is. In early 2001 the South Australian Doctor Who Fan Club jumped on the "telefantasy" bandwagon to the gross detriment of Who content (including cutting their Chameleon Factor fanzine), and I am afraid they will sink based on that decision.

You can follow my experiences as Sonic editor in another article I wrote for Sonic Screwdriver #100.

The really busy years, including when I help run the convention Timestorm, are coming shortly!

Meanwhile, you can read some comment on the piece so far.

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