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The Doctor and I

Organised Fandom? huh?

Around this time I started getting into activities outside of passively watching the show. I ran a Doctor Who role-playing group based on the FASA game system, including a hopelessly anorak-type session at a games convention (Pentecon 1989, run by the Cornell Strategic Simulations Society) which included the TARDIS returning to Gallifrey and getting involved with separate masterplans of the Master and the War Chief. That ended in convoluted fun, with the players’ TARDIS materialised around the War Chief’s TARDIS which was around the Master’s TARDIS…

I also ran a preview screening of Remembrance of the Daleks for a couple dozen people at my place in 1988. This was when my family lived on the Cornell University campus as part of the Faculty Exchange project, and I plastered ads all over our end of campus to great effect. Cheers to Bill Edmunds from Ithaca College who provided me with the tape and endless information at the time. He introduced me to DWB, back when it was Doctor Who Bulletin and ran anti-JNT headers every month. I made my first fanzine contributions to a zine he and a friend ran (back in New Hampshire, I think), with reviews of Happiness Patrol and Greatest Show in the Galaxy. Never got to see the zine itself, though!

One other clear memory from the time was when one of the local PBS staions showed Trial of a Time Lord — all in one day. They started at 5 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon, and with pledge intermissions padding each episode out to half-an-hour, went all the way through to midnight. Myself and a dozen or so other students completely took over the McFadden Hall television room for that period, got pizza delivered and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was a great way to see the season, and I’m convinced it’s one of the reasons I can stand it more than most. Afterwards, they showed the classic bug-eyed-monster movie Them!, which thoroughly suited the increasing silliness of the room…

While there really wasn’t any local organised fandom to speak of, I did find out about and join the Doctor Who Fan Club of America (DWFCA) in 1987. This wasn’t too far before they self-destructed, but I’ve still got a few very nice memories from them — tabloid-size-fanzines, a T-shirt with the Baker logo on black, and one of those TARDIS models you made from cardboard and balsa wood. Very nice model, but for anyone who tracks one down and goes to spray-paint the blue on, PLEASE take it outside or put down more newspaper than I did — after I finished, I had a beautifully crisp 2-foot-to-a-side square outline on my bedroom carpet…

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