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The Doctor and I

Doctorin’ Ithaca

Around this time I also managed to make ‘Doctorin’ the TARDIS’ a massive hit in Ithaca. The track had been played a few times on the radio station OK100 (or were they All-Hit 99.9 by then?) by the after-midnight DJ (also named David Richardson, no relation, there’s a lot of us, hence my insistence of the ‘J’ in my name) and this was brought to my attention by a student. I hadn’t heard it, but come the next night I waited till 7pm when a new DJ came on, rang in, and made my request, getting my voice on air. That was, as far as I know, the first "prime-time" airing in Ithaca.

The next night I repeated my request, but was put off, with the DJ telling me to watch out for it. I didn’t have long to wait — it turned up abruptly at #4 in the ‘Top 8 At 8’ contest for most requested song during the day! I said ‘wow’ and went to bed.

But it was barely beginning. Later that night, OK100 had another regular contest, where two songs would be pitted against each other, listeners would vote and the winner would take on a new challenger the next night. That night, ‘Doctorin’ the TARDIS’ got nominated and squashed the reigning champion.

The ball was rolling. The next night it was the #1 requested song, and it stayed there for over three weeks. It stayed in the top eight for six weeks. This was a stunning performance given it never reached the Top 40 in the USA. Late at night, it beat off challenger after challenger for even longer. Finally, the station grew so desparate they broke their own rules and allowed a song a second challenge. This worked, with Def Leppard’s ‘Armageddon It’ cracking the Time Lord’s hold on the champion position.

Pretty darn impressive, and I’m claiming I did it all with three phone calls (two requests, one vote for ‘Battle of the Champions’ or whatever it was called). If KLF, the name the band are more commonly known as, want to send me some royalties, I won’t complain!

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