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The Doctor and I

Back to Melbourne

In 1989, we returned to Melbourne. I had seen a "fan listing" book while in Ithaca and knew there were some groups and fanzines to be found back in Australia. I remember one was Sian O’Neale’s Strange Matter, and I even worked out how far he was from Mount Waverley where we were returning to. Amusingly, I was only thinking in terms of cycling there, and not doing the slightly more practical train or tram thing — clearly I had spent too long in a place without those facilities…

It didn’t list the Doctor Who Club of Victoria (DWCV) or the Australasian Doctor Who Fan Club (ADWFC), however, so it wasn’t exactly telling the whole story. Anywho, somehow I discovered the details for the forthcoming Whovention convention (the original, you might say) to be held in Sydney in January 1990.

As it turned out, Whovention was the first organised fan meeting I went to, ever, so it would be fair to say I was reasonably impressed!

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