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The Doctor and I

David, Meet the DWCV

I think the first DWCV meeting I attended was on Saturday, 24 February 1990, held in the Essendon Community Centre in Moonee Ponds. Videos were the staple ingredient of meetings at that time. Kelvin Welbourn was President, and the club had just switched from the Flinders Lane Post Office Box to the GPO and good ol’ 4782UU (which in 2001 was sadly given up for a more convenient one for the then President).

Sonic Screwdriver was edited by Chris Smith (production) and Luke Filmer (writing). It was a very healthy magazine coming off Season 26 and all the fuss about who would produce Doctor Who in the future (back when that issue was new), while the letters column Deep Thought was immensely lively (sometimes with New South Wales versus Victoria slagging matches).

I wasn’t getting to all the meetings at this time by any means. At school I’d met fellow fan and comedian Matthew K. Sharp, who would become a valued contributer to Sonic Screwdriver some years later when I was editor. I’d also taken advantage of my English class to write up a number of Who pieces, but none went any further than that.

Meanwhile, the DWCV was ramping up to their first full-scale convention, Enlightenment. It had been originally planned for November 1990 but eventually slipped back to 19-20 January 1991.

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