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The Doctor and I


The switch in dates meant that Katy Manning could not attend, but Dalek operator Robert Jewell was a handy replacement to complement Dudley Simpson and Sandra "Cybermum" Reid. With these relatively low-profile guests, and the intimate nature of the Diplomat Hotel in St. Kilda, there was a lovely feeling to this convention, especially to one relatively new to fandom. The casual, but considerate, nature was particularly well shown by the two lunchtime barbeques.

Having stated that was the golden era of video showings (and indeed one of the attractions was the Victorian premiere of the Ice Warriors), this convention really went out of its way to pack the panels, interviews and games in.

Key memories include Geoff Tilley getting second place in the Masquerade for his Cyber-doormat (yes, take that literally), the astonishingly good audio-video presentations by Stephen Rees (it has yet to be topped by any Australian Who convention), and the very noisy Theatre Sports on the Saturday night (which, unfortunately, I got dragged away from at around 11 pm when the "Mum Bus" arrived). On the Sunday Robert Jewell was surprised with a birthday cake as the convention was wrapping up.

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