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The Doctor and I

Q Who

I was an old hand at this convention business now, as during the break after my first set of Monash Uni exams I headed up to Sydney for Q Who, held on 11 and 12 July 1992. Like many clubs and events at the time, Star Trek: Next Gen was often being slipped into Who events just to give them some new material. But it was still overwhelmingly Doctor Who, with guests Katy Manning, Sandra Reid (aka Alexandra Tynan), and Sue Willis, who had been Assistant Floor Manager for four Sixties stories.

On the Friday night Jason Towers (down from Taree) and I visited fan writers Kate Orman and David Carroll’s flat in Strathfield. There I found that raspberry jam is a fine substitute for blood when shooting fan videos, but it doesn’t come out of bed linen that well! We also saw the Next Gen episode Cause and Effect for the first time — and if you’ve seen that episode you’ll understand why it was then a bit annoying to see it on high rotation at the convention later on!

David Carroll also showed off his uncanny ability to do the "Christ Drop" (or whatever we called it at the time); this involves putting your arms out as if being crucified, and then leaning forward till you fall (no bending your legs). He’d then catch himself with his still-straight arms very very shortly before his nose went through the ground. Utterly freaky…

At the first auction I was lucky enough to pick up a batch lot of mainly Australian fanzines and newspaper clippings for, well, bugger-all. This included a pretty much full set of Data Extract and gave me a great background to the history of Australian fandom.

I also won (I think) the right to a lunch with the guests in a party of maybe ten people, and with Katy seated at my left that was a fun time. The garlic prawns were darn hot too! Sue Willis being a naturopath like my Mum gave me the start to another lovely conversation.

The Sunday afternoon also saw me regularly popping up to my hotel room to see how Essendon were doing in their footy game which for some reason was being played in Tasmania. We won, as I recall!

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