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Article — The Relative Confusion of The Curse of Fenric

First Published:
Strange Matter #7

Publish Date:
July 1991

I haven’t seen the conclusions reached in this piece anywhere else. Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough!

In both the novelization and TV version of Fenric we are told about several people’s family trees — ranging from Sorin’s to Ace’s to the Viking descendant Joseph Sundvik’s. If one does their homework, however, you find that, within the span of 6 generations, all these people are related! Indeed, five of the main characters are related!

For those who wish to recreate the below family tree, look at pages 36, 119, 147, 178, 180, and 188 of the novelisation by Ian Briggs.

There are two assumptions made in the forming of this family tree. The first is that Ace does indeed marry Count Sorin, as Ian Briggs suggests. The second is more subtle, regarding the inclusion of Commander Millington into the family tree. Mary Eliza Millington, the thirteen-day baby, was buried with Joseph and Florence Sundvik (36). As she is not their daughter (119), I conclude she is their grandchild. The dates and, of course, the name (it could hardly be coincidental!) suggest she is Commander William Millington’s sister. Could this possibly be one of the reasons Millington dislikes females?

Where there are numbers in the diagram, refer to the notes at the bottom.

Sorry, you need to SEE this one!

End of Article

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