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Review — Deadfall

First Published:
Sonic Screwdriver #106

Publish Date:
February 1998

As I look back, I recall very little of Deadfall. Just goes to prove it was a "junk food" book.

As some of you may have noted from previous reviews, I am not a fan of Jason Kane, ex-husband of the legendary Bernice Summerfield. In fact, it would probably be more accurate to say that I hate him. He’s an inconsistent whinging stupid oaf who doesn’t deserve to even appear within the same pages as Benny. Except, of course, during his debut novel of Death and Diplomacy and, I am surprised to report, in Gary Russell’s latest, Deadfall.

Deadfall is the first of Virgin’s "BenNAs" which focuses primarily on characters other than Benny herself, instead relying on the aforementioned Jason and, much to my delight, Emile Mars-Smith (who first appeared in Beyond the Sun). And in voyaging to, and exploring, a planet that shouldn’t be where it is, and its concealed city, they also come along a favourite of Virgin’s string of novels , Chris Cwej — albeit a Chris Cwej who spends most of the book in an amnesiac state and thus not being so much the Chris we’ve all come to know and love.

These continuing characters (along my other faves like Braxiatel, Tameka, Joseph the electronic porter, and, of course, Wolsey!) work so well in that, in less than half a dozen BenNAs, we are getting a remarkably good feel for the universe these books are set in. To quote a line more usually attributed to Macintosh computers, "It just works."

Gary Russell, I must report, has been far from my favourite NA author. Not that he’s intrinsically bad (quite a few get in before him there!) but because his work has been boring, bog-standard (the telemovie novelisation being the most obvious example of that). In some ways this book is quite simple and does degenerate into a run-around, but I can forgive him this time as so many of the characters in this book draw you into the story so well. Jason and the young Emile make a sensational double, despite early misgivings about each other, and I hope this partnership resurfaces.

The other thing that marks this book is that it’s very funny — most of it not in a blatant "let’s say something funny" fashion but arising from the quirks of the individuals involved. The cats (Wolsey early on and ship’s cat Smokey during the rest) probably get the best bits (though Emile and Jason’s repartee contains many a classic line), and we finally find out why flashing lights have been a staple of spaceship design since man took to the stars.

In all, definitely a book to grab for a read. While you may look back and comment on the dodgy plotline (though it makes sense and slots in nicely with the Benny Universe), you’ll have plenty of fun while reading it.

You might even come to like Jason Kane.

End of Review

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