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Mag Bag #1

First Published:
Sonic Screwdriver #90

Publish Date:
May 1995

The original, you might say!

Welcome to a new regular column for Sonic Screwdriver. Following many requests, Sonic will now be having a look at all the other Who zines in Australia. Given I subscribe to just about the lot of them, and I really felt that I wasn’t writing enough for Sonic already (me, sarcastic? Never!), this is your Editor here once more…

The zine scene in Australian Who has really picked up recently, and for the dead cheap prices you can often get them for, zines are great fun. So let’s jump straight in, and let my opinions start flowing! Going in order of arrival…

Zine: Data Extract
Issue: 112
Editor: Kate Orman (DW Fan Club of Australia)
Address: PO Box 4, Epping, NSW, 2121
Cost: $9 for six issues
Data Extract has long been the Australian newsletter as far as Who goes. It started back in November 1980 as one double-sided sheet of paper, with the main headline being "Tom Baker Quits!". The latest issue is now 16 pages of news and reviews. It is very column-oriented, and is famous for "Think Tank", its letter of comment area. Anyone who knows me will know I’m no fan of reviews, and fully half of DE is just that. A tad dry, but with a good Just War preview courtesy of Lance Parkin. The editor being who she is, there is often New and Missing Adventure details not found elsewhere (well, until they get copied!).
Rating: • • 1/2 (out of 5)

Zine: Time Brains 2013
Issue: 17 & 18
Editor: Neil Hogan (Sydney DW & SF Fan Club)
Address: GPO Box 2870, Sydney, NSW 2001
Cost: $12 for 12 issues (cheques to Neil Hogan)
This comes from a new group which is doing a great job with its meetings up in Sydney. If you want news on Who and other sci-fi shows, and don’t feel like spending a fortune on DreamWatch, this is the zine to get. It comes out every month, and its delightfully cluttered pages have an incredible amount of information. A bit cliquey sometimes, but great value.
Rating: • • • • & • • 1/2

Zine: Black Light
Issue: 15
Editors:Sean-Paul Smith & Damien Christie (Gallifrey)
Address: GPO Box 910G, Melbourne, VIC 3001
Cost: $14 for 6 issues (cheques to Gallifrey)
Issue 15 is a bumper issue of 32 pages, with an interview with Robert ‘Kryten’ Llewellyn interview. Overall, however, it seems full of columns which are just unguided spiels for the authors. Bold design, but with far too many ugly computer-generated pictures.
The funniest bit is the note saying the deadline for contributions for the next issue has been moved back due to the current issue coming out late. Unfortunately, the new cut-off date was thirteen days before I got this issue!
Rating: • •

Zine: Doctor Whom
Issue: 9 & 10
Editor: James Sellwood
(Sydney DW & SF Fan Club)
Address: 50 Myall St, Oatley, NSW 2223
Cost: $12 for 6 issues
This was a personal-zine, but as of Issue 10 is now the creative zine for the SDWSFFC. A little bit empty, but then again just about all personal-zines have trouble getting submissions to start with. Lots of nice computer images, and the bits by the Editor’s sister are hilarious! Getting better with each issue – though there is too much overlap with Time Brains 2013.
Rating: • • & • 1/2

Zine: Eternity (previously TARDIS)
Issue: 3
Editor: Lee Zachariah
Cost: $5 for 6 issues
This zine has a casual layout, with scribbles everywhere. Lots of Red Dwarf to go with the Who stuff. Some running fiction and a few brief articles. They need some more people writing stuff, but they’ve only just started. Like Black Light, they’re overusing the computer for printing photos. Issue 2 was considerably better.
Rating: • 1/2

Zine: Australian Whovian Fanzine
Issue: 6
Editor: Leo Scott
Address: 1/446 Bridge Rd, West Mackay, Qld 4740
Cost: $2.50 per issue
Formally titled Kronos Express (and what a better title that was!), this is one great zine. It starts with a great cover smothered in tabloid-style headings – most funny! AWF has something of everything. Nice layout, and the regular fanzine editor interviews are great (I could mention myself being featured in this issue, but I’m too ‘umble for that).
But there is a catch: the number of spelling and grammar mistakes is incredibly high.
Rating: • • • •

Zine: Broadsword
Issue: 1 & 2
Editor: David Robinson & Richard Prekodravac
Address: 153 Wardell Rd, Dulwhich Hill, NSW 2203
Cost: $5.50 for 6 issues
Broadsword (the reference is from Paul Cornell’s No Future) is dedicated just to the New and Missing Adventures. Small in size, but some brilliant writing and a razor-sharp look. Highlights were the debates and the pull-out posters. These two editors can write – you’ve got to get this one!
Rating: • • • 1/2 & • • • • 1/2

Zine: The Wall of Lies
Issue: 33
Editor: James Margitich & Mattew Fazakerley (SA DWFC)
Address: PO Box 3227, Rundle Street, Aselaide SA 5000
Cost: $12 for 6 issues (but see below)
This is the news-zine of the South Australian club – they also put out Chamelon Factor 3-4 times a year, and that is included in the above cost. The Wall of Lies is up-to-date, with club activities listed, and exquisitely printed. I’m jealous.
Rating: • • • 1/2

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