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Mag Bag #11

First Published:
Sonic Screwdriver #104

Publish Date:
October 1997

Welcome back, folks (or should that be the other way around?). It’s time for a new batch…

First up we have two rather contrasting contributions from the South Australian Club. Issue 73 of Chameleon Factor is unfortunately a bit of a let-down, even with a flood of Ringos scattered all over the place. There’s the piece with The Doctors rock group (with ‘new vocalist Paul McGann, ex-member of Irish folkies The Hanging Gale’) and another back-logged couple dozen reviews written largely tongue-in-cheek (OK, I lie, it was 26 reviews) but little else to inspire the reader. Gets one-and-a-half ‘Blame Him!’s out of five.

Completely different, in both content and appearance, is issue 4 of Jethryk (nominally the yearbook of the SA club, though this is the first appearance in quite a while). This issue is turned over to a short story competition, with the contestants rated by various New Adventure authors. The results range from silly to dramatic and you might not like them all, but the sixteen brief tales make for a great collection. Plus the production is top-notch. Four trophies out of five.

Onto Broadsword’s thirteenth issue. The editors find yet another page orientation to use (which, unfortunately, doesn’t quite work. They’re going to run out of different layouts soon!) and fill it with even more interviews (editor Rebecca Levene, artist Tony Masero, and writers Matt Jones and Mark Morris) plus a couple of stories. As I’ve said many a time, if you have any interest whatsoever in the New or Missing Adventures and their BBC counterparts (the Now and Missed!), this zine is a must-get. This issue grabs three-and-a-half abrupt TARDIS appearances out of five.

Thank goodness for Strange Matter. Issue 19 is again a bit of a relief from the deadly serious, but ultimately self-obsessed, zines everywhere. You’ve got fun reviews of fan types, articles you’ll think about for more than a second after you finish them, another classicly bad comic strip by Martin Cash and a serving of Trekkie-bashing. What more could you want? Four-and-a-half weird drawings by Phil Wlodarczyk out of five.

Woohoo, they’ve got out two Black Lights for the year by September! There’s a rather uninspiring Bill & Ted article, the obligatory tribute to Terry Nation and a piece detailing Danny John-Jules’ (The Cat from Red Dwarf) recent appearance in Melbourne. Two paddings out of five.

Slip back in time now as we look at the very first issue of Junkyard from 1988. It’s an A5 effort edited by Grant Whittingham and Dallas Jones, and it’s just sensational. It’s got long interviews with Ian Marter (Harry), Nicholas Courtney (the Brig) and John Nathan-Turner, and has a freshness that comes from being from an era when the show was still on and every fact hadn’t been run into the ground by repetition. Unfortunately, it’s also got some rabid JNT-bashing and another "review" by the very unfunny Fritz and Heidi Volksvagen. If you happen upon any of the Junkyards, grab them! Despite the flaws listed above, highly recommended and earns itself four-and-a-half Steven Panozzo’s damn fine caricatures out of five.

And finally, issue 128 of Data Extract is back to what it does best: lots of news (though anyone on the Net increasingly knows most of it), interesting letters, only slightly out-of-date reviews, some mind-numbing details of Who on Foxtel that I hope no one is memorising, and lots of people saying ‘Go to Timestorm!’. What more could a fanboy want? Three-and-a-half exclamations of ‘Dallas, the font is big enough to read!’ out of five.

End of Review

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