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Mag Bag #3

First Published:
Sonic Screwdriver #92

Publish Date:
October 1995

Zine: Time Brains 2013
Issues: 21 & 22
Number 21 is back to the old "Let’s not worry about lots of silly fonts" format, and it’s a relief on the eyes. The usual tidbits, more focused on news than personalities, and back to the best this zine has produced. Who needs DreamWatch when you’ve got this? Number 22 pays tribute to Michael Wisher, but otherwise seems a tad empty and has all those horrible fonts back again!!!
Ratings: • • • 1/2 & • • 1/2

Zine: Eternity
Issue: 5
Waaaah! No art by Tristan Nieto! Nonetheless, this zine keeps improving. The writing has really picked up, and there’s virtually no padding any more. Tristan’s Harry Harrison-style story continues hilariously. And I like the silliness in this zine – you’ve just GOT to read the "interview" with William Hartnell [Ed: Hmmph!]. (Note: the price has gone up to the still extremely reasonable price of $7 per six issues).
Rating: • • • 1/2

Zine: Australian Whovian Fanzine
Issue: 7
They’ve got a spelling and grammar checker! Hooray! That’s the most obvious change with this issue, which otherwise continues the fine tradition of this zine. The news is really good (especially all the tidbits from sources everywhere). My favourite bit remains the interviews with other zine editors, but then I’m biased… Maybe a little empty this time around, however, and I don’t want another Dimensions in Time transcript!
Rating: • • •

Zine: Data Extract
Issue: 114
News, lots of letters, a new rumour column, reviews (zines, NAs, MAs, videos, other shows, reviews of reviews, and a few others), guest appearances by Gareth Roberts and Paul Cornell. I always find it hilarious that they have "Previews" of books that have already come out in both Britain and Minotaur…
Rating: • • 1/2

Zine: Broadsword
Issue: 4
Yet another well wicked cover, and a beautifully laid out zine this is. Highlights of this issue are an extract from Professor Bernice Summerfield’s diary courtesy of Paul Cornell and the debate on whether fans make good Who writers. But with only eight or so pages, the editors will have to be very careful to ensure that the reviews and previews don’t swamp all the original stuff. (There is now an on-line version of Broadsword at http://modjadji.anu.edu.au/steve/broadsword which includes the Virgin guidelines on how to write New and Missing Adventures — great stuff!)
Rating: • • • 1/2

Zine: Black Light
Issue: 16
It took a good four months, but finally issue 16 arrived. Unfortunately this resulted in much of the news and reviews being quite out-of-date. The highlight is the second part to the Robert ‘Kryten’ Llewellyn interview. There’s a beginner’s guide to BBC science fiction, which makes a useful summary. For the second issue in a row, they re-print a story from Mistfall, the Queensland mag. Good story, admittedly, but very annoying that they’re not providing new stuff to the Who community! And who told them "Greg Hinton" is writing Millenial Rites?!?!?!
Rating: • • 1/2

Zine: Strange Matter
Issue: 12
Editor Sian O’Neale was at our August meeting spruiking this fine little zine. And I’m happy to say that I liked every contribution to this issue! A cool futuristic cover, lots of fiction and articles, and an interview with a local comedian. Now if only I had part one of the comic in this issue! Highly recommended – this wins best zine this time around!
Rating: • • • •

Zine: Chameleon Factor
Issue: 69
It’s the 15th anniversary of the South Australian Club and the highlight of this issue, for me, was their look back on the club over the years. The brilliant Matthew Fazakerley has left as editor, but Rosie Peck and Austin Boothey have slotted in quite nicely. Easy to read, though they better work out how to print pictures better, and I find it hard to believe they need Space Rangers, Stargate and Star Trek: Generations articles to fill out the zine.
Rating: • • •

And to finish, I’ll just mention that the guys who run Broadsword are planning an Australian version of Decalog. To (maybe) qualify to write one of the ten stories, send an original 2,000 – 3,000 word Who story to them at 153 Wardell Road, Dulwhich Hill, NSW, 2203. You’ve got till January 12 next year, after which a judgement of the best authors will be made, and the top ten contacted to write their (approx 10,000 word) stories for Australian Decalog. (The shorter stories will all appear in a specially-prepared fiction zine sometime too.) I know I’ll be entering!

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