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Mag Bag #4

First Published:
Sonic Screwdriver #93

Publish Date:
November 1995

As I promised, every three issues I’ll give full details on how to get the zines covered in the "Mag Bag". Bet it ends up not fitting on the page because of that!

Zine: Data Extract (despite it saying "Cat Tread Tax" on the front!)
Issue: 115
Editor: Kate Orman for the DW Fan Club of Australia (Neil Hogan soon to take over)
Address: PO Box 4, Epping, NSW 2121
Cost: $9 for six issues (one year), or $16 for two years
Contains, even by normal DE standards, an absolute stack of news, tidbits, and a swag of the most outrageous rumours you could ever think up. Fave bits were the review of the new TARDIS Cafe in Manly, the letters column and Sonic being called "a staple for Doctor Who fans". Sounds like a potato! The layout is a bit more interesting too.
Rating: • • • (out of five)

Zine: Broadsword
Issue: 5
Editors: David Robinson & Richard Prekodravac
Address: 153 Wardell Rd, Dulwich Hill, NSW 2203
Cost: $1 per issue, $5.50 for six issues (one year)
The latest edition of this great fanzine (and why does Mr Broadsword Editor dislike that word so?) is A5 in format, in keeping with their policy of change and innovation in layout. I’ve always found that format attractive, and this is no exception. Enclosed in its twenty pages (it keeps growing!) is a lengthy interview with Nigel Robinson, articles on science in science-fiction and the character of Ace, reviews of all the latest books, and much other silliness. There is also the updated prelude to the Left-handed Hummingbird which we first saw in issue 82 of Sonic (yikes, that was a long time ago!). A great zine – just make those pictures a bit lighter, thanks!
Rating: • • • • (out of five)

Zine: The Wall of Lies
Issue: 36
Editor: James Margitich (for the SA DW Fan Club)
Address: PO Box 3227, Rundle Street, Adelaide, SA 5000
Cost: $12 for one year ($10 if under 16), which gets you 6 issues of Wall of Lies and 3-4 of Chameleon Factor
This little four-pager tells you everything you need to know of the Who events in Adelaide, plus has a thorough covering of the news, thus leaving Chameleon Factor free for the creative stuff. Does the job well!
Rating: • • •

Zine: TARDIS Log
Issues: 9 & 10
Editors: Tim Archer & Paul McDonald
Address: 43 National Part Street, Hamilton South, NSW 2303
Cost: Silly people don’t say…
When you don’t publicise yourself in any way, you tend to get ignored. Such had been the fate of TARDIS Log, at least for me, until recently. It comes out monthly and is 24 pages long, with contents similar to Sonic: articles, fiction, news, reviews, and so on. It relies on layout and the occasional photo, however, with very few pictures. Given it comes out every month, there’s surprisingly little padding, bar the last two pages (you know what I mean, Tim!). It’s annoying that virtually every piece runs over more than one issue, though. A good read!
Ratings: • • • & • • • 1/2

Zine: Eternity
Issue: 6
Editors: Lee Zachariah & Andrew Deans (for Time Lords)
Cost: $7 per six issues (one year)
This is actually a Star Trek special, but nonetheless is one of the best reads I’ve had for quite a time. The writers took a thoroughly tongue-in-cheek look at all the series – indeed, several admitted to hating Trek, so their pieces can be extra fun to read. Best bits are "The Top Fifty Signs You’re a Trekkie", the "Pick the Odd One Out" comic, and the continual editorial comments. There’s an extremely competent and readable news section on Who and other science fiction, and a couple of New Adventure reviews (in a column called "Sodium" – get it?). Recommended for anyone who loves OR hates Star Trek!
Rating: • • • • 1/2

Zine: Ultrawarp
Issue: 15
Editor: Michael Cloonan (for Time Trekkers)
Address: PO Box 934, Bendigo, VIC 3550
Cost: $2 per issue; or $10 for six issues (one year)
Ultrawarp is the zine of Time Trekkers, the Science Fiction Club of Central Victoria. This issue has a couple of articles focusing on Blakes 7, as well as a guide to cult TV drinking games, an episode guide to Babylon 5, lots of club and zine info, and news from the realms of SF television shows. Plus there’s continuing tale which brings together the universes of Who, Trek, X-Files AND Dune! A remarkably packed 12 pages.
Rating: • • • 1/2

Zine: Strange Matter
Issue: 14
Editor: Sian O’Neale
Address: 185 Kooyong Road, Toorak, VIC 3142
Cost: An apazine. Available for "trade, contribution or the fannish usual"
Sian has gone for a minimalist style to the layout for this issue, and I must admit it looks really good for it. The letter column continues the debate on geeks in Who fandom, there’s a column on why Star Trek fandom is buggering it up for all the rest of us, a few quite thoughtful articles, and a few stories. Less Who stuff than previous issues, but the overall standard embarrasses many other non-apazines.
Rating: • • • 1/2

Zine: Time Brains 2013
Issues: 23 & 24
Editor: Neil Hogan
Address: GPO Box 2870, Sydney, NSW 2001
Cost: $15 for 12 issues (one year)
Issue 23 is a Mr Men special, claiming that Mr Men was just a plot to turn us all into Who fans. It’s a particularly thick issue, with about seventeen servings of news and rumours. Unfortunately, this issue is rather lax on separating the two, to the extent that some statements become completely deceptive. If this was your only source of info, you’d be very confused. More care, please! Overall, however, one of the better Time Brains. Issue 24 is only half as big as its predecessor, but of similar quality.
Ratings: • • • & • • •

Zine: Gallifreyan Graffiti
Issues: 120 & 121 & 122
Editor: Craig Douglas (for the West Lodge aka the WA DW Fan Club)
Address: PO BOX 190, Mt Lawley 6050
Cost: They don’t say! 12 issues per year
Gallifreyan Graffiti has grown somewhat over the past few years from a simple newsletter like Wall of Lies to include fiction, articles, and all sorts of weird things. Issue 120 featured a sensational article on the mess that was The Dark Dimension and the obligatory "Original Sin is brilliant" review, Issue 121 has a hilarious summary of Ace’s involvement in each of her stories (for stories after Deceit, the words "TurboAce shoots at…" appear quite regularly…) and an obituary of Michael Wisher, and Issue 122 has Paul Lee’s look at the missing episodes of Doctor Who that was recently in Sonic. Plus stories, news and full club info all around.
Ratings: • • • • & • • • & • • •

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