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Mag Bag #5

First Published:
Sonic Screwdriver #94

Publish Date:
January 1996

Welcome to the latest look at all those other Doctor Who fanzines out there in this big land of ours. I wonder how many more will pop up after May, and a certain telemovie…

Zine: Time Brains 2013
Issues: 25 & 26
The latest of this monthly news & rumour zine (or should that be the other way around?). Issue 25 now holds the record for most fonts on a single page of an Australian Doctor Who fanzine. Seriously! It also has LOTS of clips, a few weird pictures and convention reports. And more, including the statement on the front cover that Paul McGann is the Doctor back when it was purely one of the rumours floating around. Then the next issue explicitly say he isn’t. I’m waiting for the next one… With issue 26, James Sellwood takes over as editor from Neil Hogan. Well, mostly. It’s a good-looking job by him, and has some of the silliest and most incredible links between Doctor Who and the Beatles.
Ratings: • • • 1/2 & • • • 1/2 (out of 5)

Zine: Eternity
Issue: 7
Wow. That cover is something to behold. It’s a full-colour picture of a defiant Sixth Doctor. Tinted a really, really puky shade of yellow. Inside, Eternity continues to be one of the most readable zines around, even with all that foreign stuff – you know, X-Files, Red Dwarf, Star Trek, that kind of thing. Best bits are the articles on society, commercialism and optimism in various SF shows, the Janet Fielding "interview" and the disclaimer.
Rating: • • • •

Zine: TARDIS Log
Issue: 11
You know, it’s incredibly hard to review a zine, and see difference between its issues, when every issue we get one page of a story or article, followed by a little tag saying "To be continued". It’s not good enough! It’s rare I can end reading an issue of this, and have any style or particular item stand out in my memory because of this. Now that I’ve got that off my chest, the contents are still quite good, the news up to date and Tim even put in a bit saying how much it was to subscribe – last issue’s "Mag Bag" obviously did the job! TARDIS Log also now has a web site equivalent – you’ll find it at http://www2.hunterlink.net.au/~ddpa/
Rating: • • 1/2

Zine: The New Adventures Handbook
Editor: Andrew Deans
After a shaky start, the New Adventure are starting to get the credit they deserve. Following the zine dedicated solely to them, Broadsword, comes the New Adventure Handbook, courtesy of regular Sonic contributor Andrew Deans. And this is a great job – all seventy-six pages of it! If you’re a regular reader of the New Adventures, or just starting to get into them, or even just curious on just what is this thing that has been Doctor Who over the past four years, this is a must-read. Looks critically at a selection of stories, has articles on the issues and writing of the NAs, interviews (including one with current NA editor Rebecca Levene, a story, and more! Get it while the second print run lasts!
Rating: • • • • •

Zine: Data Extract
Editor: Neil Hogan (for the DW Club of Australia)
Address: GPO Box 2870, Sydney, 2001
Cost: $9 for eight issues (one year) or $16 for two years
First impressions: that has got to the crappiest logo I’ve seen on any zine for a long time. And the main headline is wrong, and shown as such in the text beneath it. Having said that, Neil Hogan’s first issue as editor of DE is really quite good. Actually, I’ve just noticed as I review it that there were no reviews. Maybe that’s why I liked it… Best bit is the debate on whether the New Adventures are real Who (between Doctor Who Magazine editor Gary Gillatt and upcoming NA writer Matt Jones).
Rating: • • •

Zine: Mistfall
Issue: 17
Mistfall continues to balance the zine and club stuff well. The creative part includes a fascinating article on just what the structure of the TARDIS might be, a "Save the Galaxy Again" game and a detailed look at the Stranger series. Elsewhere, the Most Demeaning Use of Dead People in a Script, the Most Wasted Characters Developed in a Long Time, and the Most Appalling Use of the Doctor in a Story awards all go to Revelation of the Daleks. But why the editors are congratulating themselves for doing everything on the computer is beyond me – half the pictures, and just about all the artwork, is worse off for it.
Rating: • • • 1/2

Zine: Australian Whovian Fanzine
Issue: 8
A new, very clear, layout is the first thing you’ll notice with this issue (but it’ll get boring quick unless spiced up with some pics, Leo!). Then you’ll notice that there’s four (count ‘em!) interviews: Daniel O’Mahoney, Kate Orman, Sarah J Groenewegen and Sean Murphy. Plus the regular widespread collection of clips, zine reviews and (unfortunately) the quota of pages saying things we all knew ten years ago. Avoid them, and this zine will be top class.
Ratings: • • • 1/2

Zine: Black Light
Issue: 17
There’s one really cool story in this issue, relating just how the Master ended up looking quite as bad as he did in The Deadly Assassin. And I’m afraid that’s it; the rest of the issue was totally uninspiring (oh, OK, the article on Warrior’s Gate was quite good. While issues continue to come barely every four months, they’ve got to get some creative stuff out of their members! Nice cover, though.
Rating: • •

And a final note: congratulations to the South Australian Club for being first to get the news out on Paul McGann being the Doctor with Wall of Lies. Now, if only they hadn’t mailed it just days before the Master and companion, and gobs of other details, were announced…

End of Review

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