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Review — Shadow of Weng-Chiang

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Andrew Deans was a confused old sod and double-booked this review for Sonic Screwdriver #97. Here it is, published at last!

With the Missing Adventures trying to copy, er, emulate, er, draw every last bloody bit from the TV series, it was inevitable that we’d see a return from everyone’s favourite 51st century war criminal. Except, of course, that the title to this book is somewhat deceptive: the whole story is about the possible return of Mr Greel. This is no bad thing — it allows a proper development of the story and its characters, rather than trotting out the old villian to repeat all his lines (or, in this case, just to rasp noisily).

Instead, we have the mysteriously preserved Hsien-Ko, who has her own very personal reasons for wanting the return — or, more accurately, the diversion in time — of the Butcher of Brisbane (snigger). She’s hardly the swaggering villian of tradition, being more misguided than megalomanicial. We also get to see the story from her point of view, and her longing to settle down to a normal type of life with her lover and second-in-command, Kwok. Nonetheless, her ruthlessness and rather special ability of being able to "jump" from place to place make her quite a threat to our regulars.

Our regulars, of course, are Doc 4, Romana 1, and K-9 2. This story is slotted after The Stones of Blood, and sees some rather weak excuses to convince the TARDIS and tracer that the fourth segment to the Key to Time lies in this time. In fact, much of the "science" that forms the basis of this story just didn’t ring true to me. This makes it just as well that the intrigue and atmosphere of the 1930s Shanghai works so well. With a corrupt police force, Tong gangs on the loose and the battles between Japan and China, there’s no end of trouble before we come to the real opposition.

Now for those of you waiting for all the copying of the original series, we have the return of everyone’s favourite pig cortex Mr Sin (oh dear, he says, I already used that phrase in the opening paragraph…). Sin gets to return to his original life — being an assassin. Unlike everyone else in Who, it’s somewhat believable that he could use ventilation shafts to get to his targets. Well, somewhat. Freed from the sanitised and cast-limited screen adventures, he gets to kill dozens and dozens and dozens of people. Most of these come with a rather large little jaunt he takes near the end of the book when, as usual, his master underestimates his blood-lust, and lets his baser instincts take over. There are that many ‘fountains of blood’ in this book to, well, make an awful mess. And if you thought he was nasty before — now imagine that he can "jump" instantly from one point to another…

And the story? Well, it’s a page-turner, if a bit of a regulation run-around. I’ve no liking for the first Romana, but the Doctor is quite his usual self, and the other cast are all quite well written and interesting. The plan by Hsien-Ko is quite ambitious and original (and a tad worrying in its scale!), and don’t assume any of the characters are quite who they seem. Okay, it’s not a patch on the original — but hey, it’s a good read. Unfortunately, as I keep saying, there’s precious few of the Missing Adventures that seem to progress beyond that point…

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