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Tidbit — The Pit

First Published:
Sonic Screwdriver #ah, bugger, I can’t find it, someone help me …

Publish Date:
??? 199?

For those unaware, The Pit was a regular column where the author got to pillory their personal choice of the worst five Who stories. OK, so I put Spearhead in to annoy some people; it’s not worst five material. But I still think it’s pretty crap.

#5 Underworld

I really like the first episode of Underworld. It has interesting ideas (race banks, Time Lord non-intervention policy, rejuvenation, peace guns), decent dialogue and a damn cool cliff-hanger complete with a decent special effect. Therefore, it’s such a shame the rest is UTTER CRAP!

#4 Spearhead from Space

Oh, I hear the knee-jerk defenses already… My problem with this story is that it’s SO BLOODY BORING. It just drags on and on and ON. I submit this statement along with one that the rest of Season 7 is brilliant, and ranks somewhere with Seasons 18 and 26 way ahead of the rest. As far as entertainment value goes, this one makes fellow first-story-for-the-Doctor Twin Dilemma look like a classic!

#3 Revelation of the Daleks

I watched this recently, and it’s even more boring than Spearhead. It’s got the worst cliff-hangers ever, the regulars barely appear and do so poorly, there’s bugger-all plot and no atmosphere. However, Orcini rules. As JNT would say, ‘The memory cheats’!

#2 Time Monster

Need I say more?

#1 Edge of Destruction

This is one for the Susan-haters out there; Carole-Ann Ford shows just how badly it is possible to act, the whole thing is stilted, the ending shows how pointless the whole "story" was, and the scissors scene is as threatening as Oak and Quill’s heavy breathing in Fury from the Deep (that’s sarcasm, by the way, for those who may not have seen the clips). Just plain embarassing.

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