Collected here are a thousand (and a bit) photos from my trip to Europe in June and July 2004. I've culled it down from nearly twice as many original photos that I took during my 35-day trip (an X-Drive was my best friend during this time, storing 4 gigabytes of snaps).

The pictures are necessarily chopped down here, but if you want a bigger and much better version please email me with your specific request.

Hello to all those on my Insight tour, and to those at the Boomerang World Cup! There may be other photos not shown here of you, or of your interests, so feel free also to ask about them. You will probably find some pictures mystifying — don’t worry, they all mean something to someone! For those on the Insight tour, you may discover quite a lot of new stuff about some of the places we visited — I’m sure I covered more ground than anyone else on the tour by a LONG way (albeit sometimes inadvertently, like in Florence). No doubt you saw other stuff that isn’t illustrated here, of course; either because I didn’t see it, didn’t photograph it, or the photo got chopped before reaching this stage.

The photos are simply listed chronologically; a short-cut index is listed below.

1 London, Bletchley Park
2 Bletchley Park, London
3 London
4 London, Stonehenge, Bath
5 Bath, Dover, Amsterdam
6 Amsterdam, Cologne, Rhein River, Neuschwanstein
7 Neuschwanstein, Innsbruck, Verona
8 Verona, Venice
9 Venice
10 Venice, Rome
11 Rome
12 Rome, Florence
13 Florence, Swiss Alps
14 Swiss Alps, Lucerne
15 Lucerne, Paris, Versailles
16 Versailles, Paris
17 Paris
18 Paris
19 Paris, Charleville-Mezieres (World Cup teams tournament)
20 Charleville-Mezieres (World Cup teams tournament)
21 Charleville-Mezieres (World Cup teams tournament), Reims
22 Reims, Champagne
23 Champagne, Charleville-Mezieres (World Cup teams tournament)
24 Charleville-Mezieres (World Cup teams tournament)
25 Charleville-Mezieres (World Cup teams tournament, demonstration day, individual tournament)
26 Charleville-Mezieres (World Cup individual tournament)
27 Charleville-Mezieres (World Cup individual tournament), Paris
28 Paris
29 Paris
30 London
31 Cambridge, Blackpool
32 Blackpool, London
33 London