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Feedback — How I Killed a Fanzine

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Martin Dunne, South Australian fan, wrote in to say:

Dear David

"So there I am, momentarily having forgot about it, when I check my email one night and find a missile from Sarah J Groenewegen, Sydney writer, editor, and all-round fan contributor (she even got her Honours Masters of Arts by writing about Doctor Who fandom). The message was titled ‘I think you know what… but, please read’. Of course, I had no idea what, at that stage!"

I am familiar with an Honours degree in Arts, I am familiar with a Master of Arts, but the abovementioned "Honours Masters of Arts" has got me confused.

As to whether fandom is deserving of academic credential though study is up to the standard of the piece itself. But nothing by John Tulloch has cut it, and Daniel Bernardi’s Star Trek and history: race-ing toward a white future makes me cringe (he was awarded a Doctorate for it).

Sarah’s Masters degree, somewhat unusually, can indeed be awarded with or without Honours. She has got a few prods over time to publish her paper more widely, but no news on that front yet!

Personally, I was a big fan of the semiotic depth of a given text varying according to the relative redundancy of auxiliary performance codes before Dragonfire. Being the smartarse that I am, once in Year 12 English the teacher asked ‘any questions?’ and I popped the above. She asked me to elaborate for the benefit of the class… so I did!

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