Collected here are more than 1,800 photos from my trip to Japan and China in July and August 2006. With a higher-resolution camera and it's greedy use of space when taking videos I actually filled up my 30-gigabyte X-Drive during my 42-day trip, and found out through neccessity on my second last day away that SD memory cards in Hong Kong are about half the price of the same in Australia.

(Cameras didn't look to be any cheaper, though.)

Hello to all those who toured China with me with Kumuka, and to those at the Boomerang World Cup! There may be other photos not shown here of you, or of your interests, so feel free also to ask about them as only about a third of the photographs taken appear here — there are not many extra photos at the World Cup, though, as I threw in every event without a break! You will probably find some pictures mystifying — don’t worry, they all mean something to someone!

The pictures are necessarily chopped down here (to about one-eighth of their original size), but if you want a bigger and much better version please email me with your specific request.

The photos are simply listed chronologically; an index for each page of 30 photos is provided below.

I've also presented some of my personal favourite photos (and videos as well) (at higher resolutions) on a separate page, with some extra comments accompanying them.

1 Home, Hong Kong, Asahikawa (Boomerang World Cup: demo day)
2 Asahikawa (Boomerang World Cup: opening ceremony at the Snow Museum)
3 Asahikawa (Boomerang World Cup: opening ceremony at the Snow Museum and Teams Competition)
4 Asahikawa (Boomerang World Cup: Teams Competition and rest day at Asahiyama Zoo)
5 Asahikawa (Boomerang World Cup: rest day at Asahiyama Zoo and Otokoyama Sake Museum)
6 Asahikawa (Boomerang World Cup: rest day at Otokoyama Sake Museum, auction and miscellaneous)
7 Asahikawa (Boomerang World Cup: Teams Competition)
8 Asahikawa (Boomerang World Cup: Gel day, shopping centre visit, and Team award ceremony)
9 Asahikawa (Boomerang World Cup: Team award ceremony, individual competition)
10 Asahikawa (Boomerang World Cup: BBQ at the Inn, Individual award ceremony)
11 Asahikawa (Boomerang World Cup: Individual award ceremony)
12 Asahikawa (Boomerang World Cup: Individual award ceremony)
13 Asahikawa (Boomerang World Cup: Individual award ceremony), Beijing (Temple of Heaven)
14 Beijing (Temple of Heaven, Longtan Park)
15 Beijing (Longtan Park, Yong He Gong Lamasery, jade factory, Mutianyu section of the Great Wall)
16 Beijing (Mutianyu section of the Great Wall)
17 Beijing (Mutianyu section of the Great Wall)
18 Beijing (Mutianyu section of the Great Wall, Acrobatics Macrocosm, Tiamamen Square, Imperial Palace)
19 Beijing (Summer Palace)
20 Zhengzhou (Provincial Museum), Kaifeng (Dragon Pavilion, Iron Pagoda)
21 Kaifeng (Iron Pagoda), Shaolin Monastery
22 Shaolin Monastery, Stone Pagoda, Longmen Grottoes
23 Luoyang (Longmen Grottoes, Ancient Tomb Museum, underground dwelling)
24 Yellow River, Luoyang, Xian (Shaanxi Museum, Wild Goose Pagoda)
25 Xian (terracotta factory, Terracotta Warriors)
26 Xian (Terracotta Warriors, Bell and Drum Towers, Xingqing Palace Park)
27 Xian (Xingqing Palace Park), Chongqing, Yangtze River cruise
28 Yangtze River cruise (Fengdu)
29 Yangtze River cruise (White Emperor City)
30 Yangtze River cruise (White Emperor City, Three Gorges)
31 Yangtze River cruise (Three Gorges)
32 Yangtze River cruise (Three Gorges, Shennong Stream)
33 Yangtze River cruise (Three Gorges, Shennong Stream, Three Gorges Dam)
34 Yangtze River cruise (Three Gorges Dam), Shanghai
35 Shanghai (Jade Buddha Temple, Yu Garden)
36 Shanghai (Old City, Bund, People's Square)
37 Shanghai (People's Square, Pudong, Jin Mao Building)
38 Shanghai (Jin Mao Building), Kunming, Stone Forest
39 Stone Forest, Kunming, Dynamic Yunnan show
40 Dali (Three Pagodas, Chongsheng Monastery)
41 Dali (Three Pagodas, Chongsheng Monastery), Tiger Leaping Gorge
42 Tiger Leaping Gorge (Naxi Family Guesthouse)
43 Tiger Leaping Gorge
44 Tiger Leaping Gorge
45 Tiger Leaping Gorge (Tina's Guesthouse)
46 Tiger Leaping Gorge (old ferry crossing), Yulong Snow Mountain, Lijiang
47 Lijiang (Dayan, Black Dragon Pool Park)
48 Lijiang (Black Dragon Pool Park, Dongba Dance and Music Palace), Guilin
49 Guilin, Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces
50 Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces
51 Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces, Guilin (Reed Flute Cave)
52 Guilin (Peak of Solitary Beauty), Yangshou (Li River)
53 Yangshou (Li River)
54 Yangshou
55 Hong Kong (Victoria Peak at night, History and Science Museums)
56 Hong Kong (Kowloon Walled City Park)
57 Hong Kong (Ocean Park, Aberdeen, Lamma Island)
58 Hong Kong (Lamma Island)
59 Hong Kong (Victoria Peak at day)
60 Hong Kong (Mui Wo)
61 Hong Kong (Cheng Chau, Po Lin Monastery)
62 Hong Kong (Po Lin Monastery, Tung Chung)
63 Hong Kong (Tung Chung)