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For the non-Who fans who have no idea why there was a picture of some alien to get you to this page, his name was Linx.

Doctor Who

DW Club of Australia
DW Club of Victoria
DW Club of West Australia (aka The West Lodge) (note: new address!)
Science Fiction South Australia (the ex-South Australian DW Fan Club

Broadsword (David Robinson and Richard Prekodravac)
Burnt Toast (David Carroll)
Happiness Patrol (Sarah Groenewegen and Melanie Fitzsimmons)
Sonic Screwdriver On-line (Daniel Payne, outdated)

Kate Orman
Scott McLauchlan
Daniel Payne
Lucy Zinkiewicz


I've also responsible for the online presence of the Boomerang Association of Australia. The site has articles, lots of pics, and a forum.

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