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Tidbit — 1996 DWCV Cricket Day Report

First Published:
Sonic Screwdriver #94

Publish Date:
January 1996

Several more cricket meetings have since been held at the same location, though the 2001 version had thrice as many people just yapping away as actually playing (cheers to Anthony "Mr. White Pants" Swan and Phillip Nicholls for the challenges!). In the absence of Luke Filmer, I remain clearly on top of the DWCV ladder though!

January 13 was a warm sunny day, perfect for the Club’s first cricket day for some years (though it seems half the meetings at the Horticultural Hall end up with a game of (indoor) cricket, much to the bemusement of onlookers). The day began for me as I ran around collecting food for the barbeque, totally guessing at how much would be needed. As it turned out, there would be plenty for everyone…

I ran into newish member Fiona Appleby taking the tram up to Optus Park, our meeting place. Others drifted in after we arrived, and discussion ranged from the new Doctor to who really did all those stories in the old Annuals to how to make plastic figures.

The BBQ turned out to be easy: one of the coin hotplates turned out to be on permanently, and very, very hot! So much for our brief panic and search for 20¢ pieces!

After lunch, we got into the match — if it could be called that — properly. Early highlights included Richard Nolan hitting one ball at a sizzling pace onto a barbeque top and knocking off a chunk of meat from beneath the very shocked eyes of the cook. We played "tip and run", keeping everyone on their toes. Awards for the day went to:

Fiona Appleby for the top score of 45 runs.

Leanne Jurgens for that freaky one-handed outfield catch, and consistent clubbing of the ball into the nearby tree just to confuse the fielder.

Mark Harding for best T-shirt, and worst sunburn.

Daniel Payne for the most elaborate, and ultimately useless, run-up.

Richard Nolan for hitting the only six, and not learning that backing-up is a good thing.

Jason Conisbee for getting more runs each time he batted.

And me? Well, most wickets, most runs, best run-out off when facing away from the stumps and bouncing the ball of a garbage bin back onto them, and most times hitting the batter when bowling (it was a tennis ball, come on!).

All in all, a day enjoyed by everyone present. If only a few more had come!

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