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30 August 2006
I've been a-travelling once more. I've just added almost 2000 thousand photos and videos from my trip to China, and the 2006 Boomerang World Cup in Japan.

20 April 2005
Added my ongoing review of the new Doctor Who season — it’ll get updated as the season progresses.

5 August 2004
Added over a thousand photos from my trip to Europe, and the 2004 Boomerang World Cup.

28 April 2003
Added feedback on the funny search engines article.

27 April 2003
Still alive — here, have a new background pic celebrating Essendon’s Anzac Day victory over the cursed Collingwood (it’s on the Rants page).

13 March 2003
Time for some gratuitous cross-promotion, and kinda the excuse that this site has only seen cosmetic changes in recent times – I’ve been busy creating the site of the Boomerang Assocation of Australia. Yes, I’m one of the very rare Australians who give a toss (pun!) about boomerangs…

4 January 2003
A new year, a new Google index, and I am the #1 authority if you’re after a "Doctor Who" article. Better get in now and read the piece on funny search engines before I revise it thoroughly!

20 November 2002
As I changed ISP, I finally got around to getting a proper home for all this — and here we are, at http://davidj.richardson.name/. Bear with me, probably a few things went haywire during the move!

2 June 2002
Ooh, it’s been a while. Added some comment by reader Jim Ryan on my ’Doctor Who in America’ piece.

12 March 2002
Yes, I’m alive! I was silly enough to resume full-time work a week after the previous update — hopefully the next wait for an update will be a little shorter! A rash of little updates have happened, but most particularly a new article is up on how search engines are funny beasts.

24 October 2001
Fixed some stupid errors that I’m not going to embarrass myself further by discussing, plus a few bits and bobs elsewhere that I forgot to document at the time!

1 October 2001
Those depressed by the failure of two days ago can bask in the glory of when Essendon took out the 2000 AFL Grand Final with a background pic I’ve added to the Rants section.

9 September 2001
Some more feedback, this time from Martin Dunne. In particular, he provides some detailed info on the drastic changes to the South Australian Doctor Who Fan Club over the past year.

28 August 2001
Added the feedback section; our first contribution is Scott Sherritt commenting on my The Doctor and I article.

24 August 2001
I’ve added How I Killed a Fanzine to the Doctor Who section. That was an interesting time, to be sure! And endless little corrections — I’ve fallen victim to ligatures (most commonly the ‘fi’ and ‘fl’ ones) not converting properly, so please report any typos you find — I don’t feel up to proofing the best part of a hundred thousand words again right now…

2 August 2001
I’ve added Kids Write Funny Stuff to the Rants section. Gotta worry about the younger me writing all that! I also created this very page to avoid our entry page being swamped with descriptions of all the changes.

30 July 2001
A whole lot of little (mainly formatting) changes. You can now also find me via Google as well as Yahoo :)

17 July 2001
Narrowed the blue navigation bar by, get this, 6 pixels to keep WebTV people happy!

13 July 2001
For those people coming from Yahoo after searching for "how to write a CV", feel free to use mine as a guide, but you’d be better off putting your search term in quotes next time (this makes it a phrase, not a series of unconnected words). Pretty amazing though that my site is the only one in Yahoo that turns up if you use the above words!

Added some pics and links to the Sonic Screwdriver history piece. You can now click on the "David J Richardson" bar (as present on every page at top and bottom) to send me mail.

12 July 2001
Merged the ‘Doctor Who Writings’ page into the main Who index page — apologies to anyone who may have already made a link to the former, but this makes more sense. We’re also now up to 1993 with my The Doctor and I piece. And a big hello to the 87 people who travelled through 452 pages yesterday — now send me some feedback :)

10 July 2001
Added the scripts to my comedy murder mystery plays Whodunnit 2 and Whodunnit 3. Also added a few more years onto my The Doctor and I life story/anecdote-fest.

1 July 2001
Official Opening! We have over 60 Doctor Who items to start off with, a guide to creating your own fanzine, a link to my Mac BigPond Broadband FAQ, and my CV.

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